Entrevista a Natalie Claro

Entrevistamos a la artista Natalie Claro, una chica de Tampa (USA) que ha estrenado su EP ‘Atychiphobia’ (Smalldog Records) el pasado 10 de diciembre. Sobre todo lo que nos llamó la atención de ella, además de su potente voz, es cómo es posible compaginar su carrera musical con la vida normal de una chica adolescente que tiene sueños y aspiraciones como todas las demás pero que además se tiene que currar un trabajo que lleva tanto tiempo como la música sin dejar de estudiar.


1- Why do you love music? What did you start loving music and having the need to create it?

Do you ever have a gravitational pull to something? You see something on the menu at a restaurant and sometimes you just know thats what you want. That’s how music is for music lovers. You just gravitate to it and you know it’s for you. I’ve loved music since I was a kid and I get shocked that there are people out there who aren’t that into it.

2- We were totally amazed because you are very very young and you have so much talent, how much time have you been doing music? Do you go to high school? What do you do during the week? Are your parents happy with your music career?

Thanks!!! I’m homeschooled. I went to public school until I was 15 years old and then I switched to homeschooling so I could focus more on my music. My week days are very busy. I’m constantly answering emails and promoting my music and rehearsing for upcoming shows and things like that. When I’m working on new music, I’m like a living tornado. On top of that all, I have constant school work to catch up on. Thankfully I’m graduating a year early. As for my parents, they couldn’t be more proud. They help and support me in everything I do and I know from watching other families that it’s pretty rare to have such dedication and love from your family. I don’t know how I would be motivated without them.

3- What do you dream of? Where would you like to play if you could play anywhere? 

I dream of selling out an entire crowd. I don’t want fame. I don’t want the pain of mainstream media, I want to be successful in the underground world. I want to make an impact and a stable living off doing what I enjoy the most. If not that, Madison Square Garden.

4- Your new EP is out on December 10th, what does this album means to you? what is atychiphobia?

Atychiphobia is a word that isn’t very commonly used, but with a little research you’ll see it pertains to the persistent fear of failure. Thankfully, that fear has transformed into more of a fuel for me. I constantly am working to be better than the Natalie Claro from yesterday. I’m always writing music and developing ideas and planning my performances. I want to be the best I can be.


5- Which are your influences? What music do you love?

I listen to a lot of different genre’s but I mostly gravitate towards rock, rap, and old tunes. Weird mix, I know. Different artists have always influenced me in different ways depending on the stages in my life. I constantly watch the music industry and learn from who I see are the greats. 

6- Who does the merchandising desings? Did you do it? We think it’s very very beautiful

I KNOW RIGHT!! I come up with all the ideas, but I only draw the art myself sometimes. My EP cover was drawn by Megan Schaller (@megandoods on Instagram). She’s extremely talented and when I described what I wanted for my art she gave me exactly that. Everything else I typically make from playing around on photoshop.

7- How do you feel when you first hear you recorded? Wasn’t it amazing?

Not at all actually. Atychiphobia used to not be as much of a tool as it is now. I freaked out and doubted myself and hated the whole process. I used to scream whenever anyone played my own music in front of me, «TURN IT OFF NO I CAN’T YET I CAN’T». Thankfully I’ve grown since then and have learned to feel so proud of my work. I see that people are loving my music and I know I’m doing great things.

8- What inspires you? 

To make music, or in general? I guess my musical inspiration was answered in #5, and for inspiration in general I’m inspired by my parents. They’ve always been hard working and have accomplished anything they’ve set their mind to. I want to be just like that.

9- Which are the most powerful feelings in the world? 

Competitiveness and love. Competition is everywhere and it can be a dangerous thing unless handled in the right way. Love brings people together but can also destroy everything.

10- If you could ask for three wishes, what would it be?

     1. I need money ‘cause this job is EXPENSIVE man let me tell you so I’ll take a few million dollars
     2. Green eyes
     3. More wishes

11- Which are going to be your next tour dates? Are you thinking about coming to Europe?

I’m planning my tour right now, I have locations decided but no dates set yet. Unfortunately this is just a US tour 🙁 but Europe will be one day I promise, I won’t stop until I get there.

12- Which is your favourite pizza topping? And your horoscope sign? Recommend us three movies!

I think people who hate pineapple on pizza don’t have open minds. Pepperoni and pineapple are the bomb. I’m a Libra, but I literally hate it because I only know one other Libra who isn’t extremely rude and loud and that terrifies me because I’m already loud so I hope to god I’m not rude. 

Three movies: Grease, Hush (a not very popular thriller but it’s on Netflix and it’s SO GOOD), and I haven’t seen Moana yet but I want to really bad so that too.


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